Q?Does Braxton McKenzie use the same materials as big box stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot?

In general, no.  Braxton McKenzie uses the highest quality materials for every single job, not just select projects.  You won’t find use of any particle board or vinyl/paper wood grain coverings.  Braxton McKenzie starts with 3/4″ birch or maple hardwood plywood for all cabinet construction. The finest hardwood materials in house is then milled for all face frame and other custom architectural woodwork.

The cabinets are constructed with blind hardwood dowels. No nails, screws or other obvious eyesores! Braxton McKenzie’s cabinets are furniture quality and the construction materials second to none. Pure quality, built to perform, built to last, built for a lifetime!

Q?Isn’t custom cabinetry expensive?

Not when you’re building with Braxton McKenzie.  Most all custom projects fall well in line with budgetary needs due to the investment that the company has made in production efficiency, with state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled designers and builders.  With Braxton McKenzie, you no longer need to compare with “pre-made” or “box” cabinets.

Q?Does Braxton McKenzie install onsite?

Braxton McKenzie is a custom woodworking manufacturer.  Installation is not provided unless your project requires specialized attention.

Typically the Braxton McKenzie team is not needed on a job site due to careful pre installation design that goes with every project. JN Winders and his architectural design staff ensure a perfect fit through perfect design, every time!

Q?What is the difference between a Braxton McKenzie cabinet and a big box store cabinet like those from Lowe’s or Home Depot?

As you scroll through the gallery of projects, note that they are all one-of-a-kinds.  Braxton McKenzie never recreates the same kitchen twice.

Unlike the big box stores, Braxton McKenzie uses the highest quality products and furniture grade craftsmanship. From professional, architectural blueprints to premium strength, quality and unique design, Braxton McKenzie is the only value-added choice.

Q?Can I design my own kitchen or bathroom?

Of course you can! You know best what you want.

Braxton McKenzie refines your ideas and perfects them to deliver a working masterpiece with optimal functionality and appeal in mind. Professional design guidance ensures your dreams come true–just another way Braxton McKenzie has earned the highest rated customer satisfaction in the industry.

Q?I have a limited budget. Can I still get a quality design and product?

Although cost is a primary consideration, don’t be fooled into thinking that the inexpensive price tag at the “big box” building stores are the best value.  By comparison, Braxton McKenzie is very competitive in its pricing with too many value-added features to list.

Design and production are maximized when you’re working with professionals who understand your vision, and have the right skills, experience and tools get the job done right. Your dollar will definitely go further. What’s more is that you won’t buy a better cabinet anywhere, guaranteed!

Q?Does Braxton McKenzie offer countertops in materials other than wood, for example, Corian?

Yes! Braxton McKenzie has one of the longest records of customer satisfaction with their custom designed DuPont™ Corian® counter tops.  Braxton McKenzie will include it as part of your project package for virtually the same cost as an inexpensive wood laminate countertop–professionally pre-fit for a perfect installation every time.  Braxton McKenzie also offers other surfaces such as granite, marble, solid wood, copper, stainless steel and other quality materials.

Q?Is Braxton McKenzie’s workmanship and materials guaranteed?

Yes, Braxton McKenzie guarantees everything it produces against defects and faulty workmanship. Since it was founded in 1989, the company has never had a breakdown of materials due to poor workmanship.  Braxton McKenzie continues to produce the highest quality wood products in the industry.

Q?Is there a project too big or too small?

No. From simple magazine racks, to university laboratories and medical facilities across the United States, Braxton McKenzie works every project the same way–starting with your vision, our skill, and quality materials, your project will always be of the finest standard no matter what the size!

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